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AddressTheewaters Crescent, Villiersdorp Industrial area

CellDave Hind: 083 463 4332

CellRory: 082 294 2260.

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Fruit Sizers and Allied

Fruit Sizers and Allied supply fruit graders that handle apples, pears, stone fruit, citrus, avocados, tomatoes, and other fruit types. Their trayless flow wrapping maximises profit and minimises waste.

Fruit Sizers and Allied are manufacturers of sizer componentry, new and retro-fit fruit graders, quality pre-graders plus complete packlines, bulk bin in-feeds, fully automated robotics, pack tables, automated carton removal, palletising and complete packline design. They also manufacture and stock fruit carrier cups, gates, electronics, all sizer componentry plus provide service to extensive fruit packers.

Fruit Sizers and Allied has changed name to Flow Pack