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Prophyta (Pty) Ltd

Prophyta (Pty) Ltd - Horticultural courses

Prophyta (Pty) Ltd. is an established horticultural production technology consultancy, operating as a private consultancy since 2012. Dr Nigel Cook has become a recognised authority in the field of horticultural production technology, with 30 years of national and international experience.

The consultancy specialises in tree architecture in deciduous fruit trees (pome and stone fruit) grown in warm climates, with special attention given to the management of problems associated with the development of dominance phenomena under conditions of inadequate winter chilling. New variety evaluation, with an emphasis on climate adaptability, has become an important component of the consultancy’s activities. The consultancy has played a significant role in the successful introduction of a number of international fruit varieties.

Emphasis is placed on understanding the tree’s physiology when orchard performance is evaluated. Advice is, therefore, given from a strongly scientific basis where the tree’s physiology plays a central role in giving advice which is not only practical and sustainable, but will contribute significantly to profitable farming.

We concentrate on building long-term relations with clients, to enable the implementation of pre-determined strategies.